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Shipping/Ordering Info

Order Adjustments
Hey, we all change our minds sometimes but Bizon will only accept cancellations through December 31.

Minimum Order
We recommend a minimum order of $4,000 or 10,000 lbs. Meeting or exceeding this minimum will ensure that your order can be shipped in a timely fashion and that you obtain the maximum economy for your freight dollar.

In addition to a minimum order, we highly recommend a balanced order of B&B versus containerized material. Freight on large, heavy material is greatly offset when smaller container plants are added to your order. Small containers can be stacked on top of and in between large root balls—which allows those items to ride on the truck, virtually freight free. By placing a balance of B&B versus containerized material, you can increase the dollar value received, without increasing your freight amount.

While we are happy to arrange shipping for you; it's not included in our plant price. We recommend a minimum order of approximately $4,000 to maximize your freight. If you are arranging your own transportation, please provide two weeks notice. Our dock can be quite busy! No minimum order required when you arrange your own truck. Material must be moved by May 15. Any material remaining after June 1 will be subject to a holding fee.